Our Services


Human resources is a full-time job that requires specialized training and ongoing education, and as a specialized HRO company we are able to provide this service with high quality.



Payroll Administration:

we always make sure that our clients employees are on the same level of their equivalent colleagues in the same organization and in the marketplace as a whole, and that their salaries are satisfactory for them as this is a part of maintaining the employees’ loyalty and productivity.



Social Insurance:

Social insurance is an important privilege for every employee as it makes them feel secure; it is what the employee rely on in case of Pensions.sickness, maternity and death



Legal Affairs:

We can handle all the legal issues that the employer could face with his employees as we have a team of professional lawyers.




Personnel Administration: 

we cover all the areas that is related to the employees themselves like Recruitment, Hiring, Compensation & Benefits, Payroll process and Performance Management.


Solving Compliances:

we work on maintaining the relation between the employees and their employer as this is one of the reasons why an employee would decide to leave a company and go invest his talents in another company who would offer him a better environment to work in.



Labour Disputes:

We can resolve any disputes that can take place between the employees and the employer regarding the employment contract.