About HRO

As the cost of hiring qualified HR personnel may not always make financial sense, Human Resources Outsourcing is the solution to this over cost item, the outsourcing of the HR service costs much less than having these experts in your company also hiring a staff that works on the HR in your department costs not only in the matter of salaries and equipments these employees will need training and will have their own problems that could hold you back on focusing on the core of your business, by outsourcing the HR and converting it to a service you will save your time and effort and will help you focus on the core of your business which will lead to the growth of your business, which is always the main goal of every business owner.

HRO provides personnel service as it manages the employees’ payroll and administration, recruiting and hiring, training and organizational development, employment law and regulatory compliance.

Our Services


Human resources is a full-time job that requires specialized training and ongoing education, and as a specialized HRO company we are able to provide this service with high quality.



Payroll Administration:

we always make sure that our clients employees are on the same level of their equivalent colleagues in the same organization and in the marketplace as a whole, and that their salaries are satisfactory for them as this is a part of maintaining the employees’ loyalty and productivity.



Social Insurance:

Social insurance is an important privilege for every employee as it makes them feel secure; it is what the employee rely on in case of Pensions.sickness, maternity and death



Legal Affairs:

We can handle all the legal issues that the employer could face with his employees as we have a team of professional lawyers.




Personnel Administration: 

we cover all the areas that is related to the employees themselves like Recruitment, Hiring, Compensation & Benefits, Payroll process and Performance Management.


Solving Compliances:

we work on maintaining the relation between the employees and their employer as this is one of the reasons why an employee would decide to leave a company and go invest his talents in another company who would offer him a better environment to work in.



Labour Disputes:

We can resolve any disputes that can take place between the employees and the employer regarding the employment contract.